Advice to Patient: Checklist

When prescribing Myalepta, the following key points should be discussed with the patient:

  • Myalepta should be administered at approximately the same time every day independent of meals
  • If hypersensitivity occurs, the patient should be informed to contact their physician to discuss their management with Myalepta
  • If a dose is missed, the patient should administer Myalepta as soon as the omission is noticed
  • While taking Myalepta, patients should follow the diet recommended by their physician
  • Women should tell their doctor immediately if they suspect that they might be pregnant
  • Effective contraception, including non-hormonal contraception such as condoms, should be used in women of child bearing potential prior to initiating Myalepta
  • Myalepta should not be stopped suddenly without consulting the physician
  • In patients with diabetes, blood glucose levels should be monitored closely
  • Patients should not self-administer Myalepta until trained and confident in its preparation and use

Suspected adverse reactions and adverse events should be reported.

Reporting forms and information can be found on the MHRA Yellow Card reporting site or or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Adverse reactions should also be reported to Aegerion by calling 00800 23437466 or e-mail: